Video Solutions that Productize the Power of AWS

iO Connect by iOiO TV is a next-generation cloud native platform for high-definition video that provides our clients with the ability to create, collaborate, and distribute content at scale and use video to sell, market, onboard, host events, and launch new products. iO Connect leverages the immense power of AWS, productizing and bundling Media Services for our customers. iOiO TV is an AWS Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partner listed in the AWS Partner Network (APN).


Video Solutions for Enterprise

Create, collaborate, and distribute content at scale.


Next-Generation Video Platform

Solutions & Features


Upload, normalize, encode, and catalog video assets to the Library of your own video management system (VMS) for company-wide accessibility and simplified syndication to third-party platforms.

Live Streaming & Virtual Events

Host and stream an unlimited amount of dynamic live events or conferences, which can be automated and replicated using a built-in workflow engine.

Corporate TV

Program live-linear channels for immediate broadcast using assets from your iO Connect Library or stream live-live content from anywhere using the power of the AWS Cloud.

Use Cases

iOiO’s video solutions are deployed across a wide variety of market verticals, bringing the power of AWS to such industries as software, financial, pharmaceutical, and more.

Executive Messaging

Enterprise Leaders, CEO, CRO, CMO

Executive messaging is expanding, as leaders within the enterprise embrace live video broadcasting as their go-to method of communication, but there is a high cost to produce meaningful content and a lack of internal tech expertise to support these efforts.

iO Connect is a low-cost, easy-to-use video messaging solution that provides additional services like captioning, translation, and AI.

Virtual Events & Video Management

Enterprise Leaders, CEO, CRO, CMO

Virtual events and meetings are taking over the enterprise, but companies lack the tools to fully take advantage of these opportunities to capture and repurpose meaningful content.

iO Connect provides a platform to host dynamic virtual events. Post-event recordings are automatically fed into iO Connect's VMS, where users can manipulate their content in a variety of ways: from programming and syndication to company-wide messaging and outreach.

Self-Service Video

All levels within the enterprise

Video is one of the most effective and engaging ways to communicate, but in the past, on-premises infrastructure has been costly to manage and high tech skills have been needed to produce and distribute this content.

iO Connect gives non-technical personnel the ability to create high- quality, self-recorded video, removing the need for expensive external production teams.

Support & Security

CIO, CTO, Engineers

Multiple point-solutions, on-premise, hybrid cloud, and multi-tenant products do not meet the requirements of today's global enterprise.

iO Connect delivers scalable, high performance deployment environments leveraging 100% serverless and single-tenant architecture, allowing customers to apply their own AWS security policies and for info-sec/GDRP policies to comply with user data.


Productizing & Bundling AWS Media Services 



  • Live Events Streaming & Scheduling

  • Video Management System

  • Broadcast Channel Playout

  • Ad Tech (Video Monetization)

  • Clipping & Syndication

  • Analytics

  • AWS Link